Monday, July 6, 2009


I thought I never get done. I spent so much time playing, reading, and exploring that my assignments took longer to complete. I am so glad that I took this course during the summer. I'm not sure I would have had time to finish each thing and get all that I could out of it during the school year. I had a blast learning all of the different programs. I want to stay updated on all the new technology programs and use them in my classroom. I would definitely recommend this course and take another one like it. This course allowed us to get connected with networks and gave us the resources. I was never a member of a social network before this course. I surprised myself in liking it. I was amazed to see a lot of people on Facebook that I had connections with. It is a fun way to keep in contact with my friends. I want to set up a blog for my parents to keep them updated. This will be a great communication tool. My favorite is the google tools. I can't wait to put my documents that are already on my school computer into Google docs so that I can access them from any computer.

Thing #23

I did not know these other networking sites existed. I like that they are based on your educational interest. One blogs leads to another and your linked to more groups. I came across a networking site for elementary teachers that gave some ideas about reading groups. I also found a neat teacher tool on Classrooms 2.0 that allows you to create your own games. I could use the game site with those who are struggling with math and make a flash card game. I like how you can post a question and receive several answers or different insights. These networks will be a great resource.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thing #22

I have never had a social networking account. I was always afraid of joining these type of sites in fear of invasion of privacy and the safety of my family. This was my first time to explore and create an account. I am still not so sure of putting my information on there, so I just put my name and posted a picture of my kids. I never knew so many people were on these networking sites. There are a ton of Mesquite ISD employees on Facebook. I thought this was a great place to post a question or a comment and get responses from many sources. I thought Facebook was a little safer than Myspace. I do think that Myspace has more useful features when it comes to creating your home page. It seems more like the blog page that we created for this class. You may be able to do more with Facebook. I just didn't see any of my friends pages that were done with music, video, etc... This would be helpful to our older students with projects, homework, and assignments if they could get help through networking. I also like it as a parent, you could be a friend of your child's networking site and keep tabs them. :]

Monday, June 22, 2009

Thing #21

Google has a lot of neat things to offer. I thing my favorite is the iGoogle. I like how you can create your own personal home page. This is a fast way to check up on all my favorites at one time. EVERYTHING is right there!! I tried the Google Calendar but I could not get it to work. I was really looking forward to exploring it. It would again to a great tool in keeping parents up to date on early release, fundraising money due, picture day, weekly studies, the list could go on and on. I will definitely check back. When exploring Google Alerts, I tabbed Dallas Cowboys and technology in the classroom. I haven't received any emails yet. I'll keep checking my new iGoogle home page. :) I typed in a book my daughter read in class on the Google Book Search. It gave an overview of the book, had a list of reference from web pages, other editions of the book, and it also had a place for reviews, this book had none. I liked this tool because I can get the other editions and keep her reading. I never knew there were so many tool available in Google.

Below is a picture gallery I used on Picasa Web Albums. You can also email the photo gallery. These are just some silly pictures my son had on his camera and our Disney trip.
Blogger Pictures

I used the Google Notebook and searched Summer Vacations in Texas and found some places we might want to visit this summer. It is nice when you have all of your information on one page. This will allow me to discuss the choices with my family and make a decision.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Thing #20

The google document would be a great place to do grade level newsletters. There have been many times we are running around trying to think of last minute things to put into our weekly newsletter. We could start the newsletter on Monday and we could all collaborate week. This is also a convenient way to access and allow family to view/edit your spreadsheet of addresses. I could pull up my addresses on my cell phone. Wow, imagine that! I would also like to try to use google document to challenge my students. I would like to post story starters with a topic, picture, comic, and have students begin the writing process. Once it is started then the collaboration begins.

This a spreadsheet that I use for the school wide conduct folder. I made this form on my PC and it was very inconvenient at the beginning of a new six weeks when I did not have my laptop with me. I am hoping my school Mac will be able to read this spreadsheet when opened.

The google document I decided to do was a poetry folder piece using the Fry's Phrases. This will give us as a grade level to add phrases each week.

Thing #19

Voicethreading is another way to share/teach others what we are learning in our classroom. Kids would get a better understanding of what they are learning by creating a voice thread, being able to watch, and edit their own work. I would like to use this activity with my struggling readers. I would take photos of word cards and sound out each letter, then put the letters together to make the word. I would then match the word with the picture.

Below is a voicethread I found on teaching fact families with dominoes.

Thing #18

This was a fun search activity. There are so many great things on YouTube and TeacherTube. Now I know how to show my students these great literature clips without going to the YouTube site. I am so excited and can't wait to use them.

SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK NOUNS! I forgot all about these videos. I could use this to teach my first graders about nouns.

ELECTRIC COMPANY SILENT E! After finding the School House Rock Clips, I just had to search for those Electric Company videos that I watched in elementary. They are fabulous!

TV on my iphone! Never knew I could connect to live tv through my iphone. This shows me exactly how to do it.

Here's my funny! My kids introduced me to Fred. This clip is very funny, Fred needs his meds!