Monday, July 6, 2009


I thought I never get done. I spent so much time playing, reading, and exploring that my assignments took longer to complete. I am so glad that I took this course during the summer. I'm not sure I would have had time to finish each thing and get all that I could out of it during the school year. I had a blast learning all of the different programs. I want to stay updated on all the new technology programs and use them in my classroom. I would definitely recommend this course and take another one like it. This course allowed us to get connected with networks and gave us the resources. I was never a member of a social network before this course. I surprised myself in liking it. I was amazed to see a lot of people on Facebook that I had connections with. It is a fun way to keep in contact with my friends. I want to set up a blog for my parents to keep them updated. This will be a great communication tool. My favorite is the google tools. I can't wait to put my documents that are already on my school computer into Google docs so that I can access them from any computer.

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  1. You did it!! I've enjoyed reading your posts and it sounds like you have some great ideas to begin implementing some of the "things'.